Friday, February 23, 2007

Alright- Who stole Manny?

This is no joke it's not funny! Alright .. i want him back! If i dont get him back ... I will hurt you all with.. put you all in the bathroom with tylonel & a toaster! GOT IT? Honestly I laugh at funny things .. and this truely isnt funny. -N-O-! Anyway I have decided that i am going to make another list .. and my list is going to be about uhh things
-I love Canada & all the food in it.
-I love my friends .. yep sure do! Love em' all
-I Miss manny :'(
-I am excited to build a snowman with Marisa and Chase.. IF we ever do :'(
-I love Music
-I Miss uhh people
-I LOVE ICE AGE & Mean Girls .. and other movies as well
-I love hugs .. yup pretty sure, ya know what is the best hugging someone when they smell goooooood. yum
-I love my new lip gloss & Thong (thanks to mette) ;)
-I love quarters .. they bring me so much joy, and when i use them on quarter machines and get goood stuff!
-I love all the scottish boys .. yay
-I am excited for the summer ... HOORAY!
these are reasons why i love these people: haha wow ya know your bored WHEN .. Alpha order (Screw that i cant spell worth crap)If i forget you i still love you you just arent on my mind haha.
-(Ana)Tasha: She is Asian and very amusing, and fun to go on adventures with!
-Chase: His easy access shirts haha yay, his promises that he doesnt break???,The mad sex we have..I love you!
-Marisa: Her cute little ways with things, haha and her excitment for stupid but awesome things
-Mette: The way we just go off about Canada, our all nighters, ALL our inside jokes "love:Uncle"I love you man alright i love you!
-Lauren: Duhhh you are my bestest friend ever in the whole world and i loove you, and you help me with my craziness and uhh you are just so helpful .. like when you say well i dont know! jk
-SousaFace: haha Just ya know the way you make me feel stupid and such-haha we make the best partners EVER we totally kicked ass in seminary!
-Kyle: The way you make me smile(laugh) at anything,your hottness, the way your all dumb and stuff haha i just love you & always will!
-Chris: DUde i am so excited for us and our idea hehe I freaking love you.
-Cathy: awww cathy you are soo cute! yay for you
-Marche`: You just are a cool cat MEEEOWW! & i love you.
-Jamie: We have so many memories.. oh wow.
-Jessy: Good times is all i have to say, bath time? ummmm
-J-Dawg (Ness): Awww i freaking love you.. ya for us and our coolness with glow-in-the-dark rings
-Q-Tip: I love blowing fluffys with you haha hooray for that
-SCOTTY: You are my favourite i am SOOOOO excited for the summer! ahhhhh body filling with excitment
-Benny BOOO: I love you.. see you when we are 30 was it? i cant even remember
-Kelsie Rae: You are my gangsta and i love you
-Chelsy: You are so good at dancing haha yay
-JENNI: ahhh i love you .. haha i like how uhh we.. i leave my mark at places. we need to play again
-Ali: aka BESSTER I love you so much
-ASSLEE: You are a loser but i love you haha
Sooo half of these people arent even gonna see this so that is done with .. and this is long so i am done-

LET it be known that I'MA KOALA .. and that i love to dance to JUMP AROUND AND who ever took MANNY is GOING DOWN!

Sidenote or flashback memories with all these diffrent people and our inside jokes:
-Juust sooo smooth i JUST dont know what to do with myself
-Snniiiiiff your hair smells nice, I'm here, billys dog, wait is he half naked b/c you know what that means
-She's got big boobs BIG BIG BOOBS
-Did you just pull a condom outta your bra?
-Stupid van ...Lets steal the golf cart
-What one should i do? Dance your pants off or broadway sweat?
-Coooooool cats meeeeow
-All i see is a BIG hook coming and sweeping him off stage
-----Yeah i cant remember anymore

Yay for gooooooood times- Let the good times roll

peace out my hommies

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Gotta let you go..

Lately people have been pissing me off b/c they are just stupid about stupid things. ANd ya know thats annyoing. I mean we are all human and do stupid things but to do them over and over again.. i mean learn from your mistakes. I know i am annyoing but i actully try to not piss of other people .. but lately it just seems like everyone is just doing things just to piss someone else off.I'm sorry to those who i have hurt but please dont be back in grade 5 and do things to make me upset when you know perfectly well i am sorry. Not cool Yo.
I amm sooooo excited for school to get out! honestly i havent had more joy in a long time. haha Utah can suck it! haha I am soo outta here-although i shall miss some of you exspecailly the seniors that are leaving but whatever have a good life and dont forget to be a free spirit and enjoy colledge if you are even going. haha
Anyways So i got new shoes today and i am pretty excited about them.. ahh yea! Hooray for shoes. So i counted them today the ones in my closet and i have 44 pairs, ahah and my sisters have at least 7! I lova the shoes.
I really dont know how to blog .. someone should teach me.. yes? haha Dane cook has got to me my favorite person in the whole world! Anyways i am done hear peace out hommies

Thursday, March 23, 2006


mmmm.... BUNT THINGYS ... MMMMMMMMMMMMM soooooo goooooooo'd


2 bunt thingys, chips and salsa .. is not making me run any faster to the bathroom! ahhhh weighing me down.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I miss you!

Missing you:

It is so hard to be away from you
Away from your loving arms,
Away from your smile,
Your gently heart.
When we're apart like this, life seems, somehow, out of balance,
And i go through each day feeling like the sun has hidden
behind a cloud. I can hadrly wait
until you are back & i can hold hold you close in my arms
Until then, know that I love you
with all my soul .. and i miss you with all my heart!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

UMMMM.. pine cones.. thats a a a good eatten!

I just have to say that i LOVE Ice Age! It cracks me right up.. goodness. hahaha I laugh even thinking about it. Things to do for me when i am having a bad day just in case you care..
-Put on Ice Age
-Fall on your ass
-Do something extremly funny so i can point and laugh at you
-Come up with a new inside joke so i can laugh at the people who werent there
-Take me shopping and buy me 1 Lip Gloss and 1 Thong.. yay!
Things not to do when i am having a bad day..
-Dont bring up why i am sad idiot!
-Dont pour your problems on me .. when HELLO i have my own
-Dont pretend you are all sad and then go talk about me and say how "stupid" i am being
-Dont eat fish around me .. b/c it smells like butt crack and taste like it too
-Dont think your all cool when we all know you arent!
-Just dont be a dumbass!
...Yay that was fun. Anyways so My foot is still alseep .. which ya know sucks b/c it's that damn tingly feeling that doesnt go away so you have to stand on it and jump around and look like a fool well doing it. BAHH okay so last night Princess Diares(It'd be nice if i could spell)For those of you that have seen it .. Okay so ya know how when she kisses her foot pops .. i was thinking about it and i thought the movie should have been so much better if she lost her balance and fell over .. COME ON who in there right mind wouldnt laugh at that! haha i crack up even thining about it.. even thought it didnt happen. haha
Ya know what i love .. Funny things .. yes it is true like : Dumb & Dumber " wow Check out the buns on that thing .. he must work out" Tommy Boy "Fat guy in a little coat" Zoolander "SURPRIZE" .. ya know when he jumps outta the coal mine all in black HAHAHA Ice Age " You have beautiful eyes"
OoOoOoO wOw- I LOVE inside jokes. yay WWCD? i mean honestly WWCD? hahahaha Well i am outta for now .. peace out my hommies

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Hard to say it time to say it ..

I need to blow my nose. Yessss i do. Anyways let us hope that everything will be gooder sooner.. right? I mean we are all going somewhere together and we dont want any murder misterys if ya know what i mean. Anyways Well last night was interesting .. laying on the growned with a stick of dynamite, hehe. Funny how i was holding that and YET still no one listened to me screaming/talking etc. Quite sad actully. I'm never gonna quite cause i'm just an animal. haha that was part of a song. I have jelly bean stickers. Sometimes i wish i could sleep in past11 like i used to .. lame. Well i am off to eat me an EGGO! YES you are jealous.

Friday, January 20, 2006