Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Yes thats right i am pissed off at ALL of you! You all suck hard anus! Uhh why does everyone have to be so Grrrr! I mean sure if it's that time of the month you diffently have a reason, like myself but to add and build apon that just makes me so pissed! Why in the hell do you do the things you do? I just dont get it .. i mean sure i admit i talk behind peoples backs and usually with in a 3 day period they know i have said something. All you people do is talk shit and then build apon it and never let it. Sure ____ has been pissy and upset she HAS AN EFFING REASON! Look at your reasons .. Oh no your CAKE GOT STOLEN how about you take it out on 3 people, oh know a joke was made on you and your pants where gone .. OOPS i forgot you get pissed at the stupidest things i have EVER heard anyone get mad at. Oh my crap she called me a whore .. FACE the effing facts sweet heart! Uhhh How about i go and talk bad about people to make myself feel grand, and make them feel like a buttload of crap! Alright i amd sorry but it has to be told to someone and this bloggy do is just the place to tell it b/c i know the people i am yelling/typing this at read it! I know some of you werent involved in anything and i have nothing against you but the others i honestly could kill at this momment. I have an idea how about we all go to school and have gooder attitudes about everything and forgive everyone for the pissyness or there stupidness or whatever the hell they have done to you. Question why cant i get all my money back from the school b/c i am pretty sure that if St G is most diffently gonna be 100% more drama then it is in orem .. hooray for that hell. Thats it i am soo done here. So if you plan to be pissed about this blog then go and screw yourself i'm sure thats all the action you'll ever get and if you decided to hate me then go for it it's not you your the only one that does and if you still like me after this then yay but you better have a better attutide when you ome around me or i'll butsa cap!tHE end of my maddness


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