Tuesday, February 21, 2006

UMMMM.. pine cones.. thats a a a good eatten!

I just have to say that i LOVE Ice Age! It cracks me right up.. goodness. hahaha I laugh even thinking about it. Things to do for me when i am having a bad day just in case you care..
-Put on Ice Age
-Fall on your ass
-Do something extremly funny so i can point and laugh at you
-Come up with a new inside joke so i can laugh at the people who werent there
-Take me shopping and buy me 1 Lip Gloss and 1 Thong.. yay!
Things not to do when i am having a bad day..
-Dont bring up why i am sad idiot!
-Dont pour your problems on me .. when HELLO i have my own
-Dont pretend you are all sad and then go talk about me and say how "stupid" i am being
-Dont eat fish around me .. b/c it smells like butt crack and taste like it too
-Dont think your all cool when we all know you arent!
-Just dont be a dumbass!
...Yay that was fun. Anyways so My foot is still alseep .. which ya know sucks b/c it's that damn tingly feeling that doesnt go away so you have to stand on it and jump around and look like a fool well doing it. BAHH okay so last night Princess Diares(It'd be nice if i could spell)For those of you that have seen it .. Okay so ya know how when she kisses her foot pops .. i was thinking about it and i thought the movie should have been so much better if she lost her balance and fell over .. COME ON who in there right mind wouldnt laugh at that! haha i crack up even thining about it.. even thought it didnt happen. haha
Ya know what i love .. Funny things .. yes it is true like : Dumb & Dumber " wow Check out the buns on that thing .. he must work out" Tommy Boy "Fat guy in a little coat" Zoolander "SURPRIZE" .. ya know when he jumps outta the coal mine all in black HAHAHA Ice Age " You have beautiful eyes"
OoOoOoO wOw- I LOVE inside jokes. yay WWCD? i mean honestly WWCD? hahahaha Well i am outta for now .. peace out my hommies