Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Gotta let you go..

Lately people have been pissing me off b/c they are just stupid about stupid things. ANd ya know thats annyoing. I mean we are all human and do stupid things but to do them over and over again.. i mean learn from your mistakes. I know i am annyoing but i actully try to not piss of other people .. but lately it just seems like everyone is just doing things just to piss someone else off.I'm sorry to those who i have hurt but please dont be back in grade 5 and do things to make me upset when you know perfectly well i am sorry. Not cool Yo.
I amm sooooo excited for school to get out! honestly i havent had more joy in a long time. haha Utah can suck it! haha I am soo outta here-although i shall miss some of you exspecailly the seniors that are leaving but whatever have a good life and dont forget to be a free spirit and enjoy colledge if you are even going. haha
Anyways So i got new shoes today and i am pretty excited about them.. ahh yea! Hooray for shoes. So i counted them today the ones in my closet and i have 44 pairs, ahah and my sisters have at least 7! I lova the shoes.
I really dont know how to blog .. someone should teach me.. yes? haha Dane cook has got to me my favorite person in the whole world! Anyways i am done hear peace out hommies